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About my practice

My practice is based on my belief that I am a doctor first and a surgeon second. Each patient who presents through my practice must feel that their ear, nose and throat problems are being thoroughly addressed but while this is being done, co-existing medical, surgical and even life issues are being taken into account especially if the ultimate management involves surgery. Over the years I have put together a team of whom I am extremely proud. I feel that each member shares my views on meticulous patient care. I hope that you find my website informative. In particular, if you have a child who is preparing to have an operation, please have a look at 'ENT for Kids'.

To learn more, listen to my interview on Sydney's 2GB radio.

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Dr Su Para




for Kids


It's all about the senses, isn't it?
not to mention quality of life

As an ear, nose and throat surgeon I feel privileged to be dealing with three out of the five senses - hearing, smell and taste.

It is a thrill to improve a child's hearing and to see him or her progress well in school and life.

It is a pleasure to enable a patient to smell and taste better so he or she can have a better quality of life.

It is a relief to improve a patient's upper airway so a better night's sleep is possible.

My practice is all about these senses and the pursuit of a good quality of life. It embodies my own philosophy of life and living.