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About my practice

My practice is based on my belief that I am a doctor first and a surgeon second. Each patient who presents through my practice must feel that their ear, nose and throat problems are being thoroughly addressed but while this is being done, co-existing medical, surgical and even life issues are being taken into account especially if the ultimate management involves surgery.
Over the years I have put together a team of whom I am extremely proud. I feel that each member shares my views on meticulous patient care. I hope that you find my website informative. In particular, if you have a child who is preparing to have an operation, please have a look at 'ENT for Kids'.

To learn more, listen to my interview on Sydney's 2GB radio.

Her Story

Dr Suchitra Paramaesvaran, more familiarly known to her patients and colleagues as Dr Su Para, graduated from medical school at the University of Sydney, Australia in 1989.

Following her internship year in 1990 she completed residency terms in general surgery, vascular surgery, urology, plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery at which time she knew that this was the surgical specialty for her.

She commenced her ear, nose and throat surgical advanced training in Sydney in 1996 and following completion in 1999 travelled to the USA to do a visiting fellowship in rhinology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC), Pennsylvania. On return to Sydney she accepted a locum VMO position at Nepean Hospital in Penrith and was subsequently granted an appointment at the hospital. She then commenced private practice in the area in 2002. The following year the practice was expanded to include rooms at Westmead.

Her special interests are rhinology and paediatrics although the paediatric component of the practice has evolved over the years. She is very fortunate to work with excellent paediatric nurses and specialist paediatric anaesthetists at Nepean Public and Westmead Private hospitals. Without this ‘A’ Team, she would not (even to the best of her ability) be able to consistently deliver the safest and most efficacious standard of care to her paediatric patients and their parents/caregivers.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a Member of the Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. She has VMO appointments at Nepean Public Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital.

Her aim as an ENT surgeon is to offer the best ear, nose and throat care to her patients. More importantly, her philosophy as a doctor is to provide the best medical approach for each and every patient.

In order to remain relevant and up to date, she continues to challenge herself with higher learning and education. She completed a post-graduate Doctorate degree at the University of Sydney in 2021. Her thesis was based on tonsil and adenoid disease in children and examined the contemporary management options from a surgical perspective. She contributes to administrative roles within her hospitals and is a past Head of Department for Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Nepean Hospital and current supervisor of surgical training for the accredited trainee at this hospital.

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It's all about the senses, isn't it?
not to mention quality of life

As an ear, nose and throat surgeon I feel privileged to be dealing with three out of the five senses - hearing, smell and taste.

It is a thrill to improve a child's hearing and to see him or her progress well in school and life.

It is a pleasure to enable a patient to smell and taste better so he or she can have a better quality of life.

It is a relief to improve a patient's upper airway so a better night's sleep is possible.

My practice is all about these senses and the pursuit of a good quality of life. It embodies my own philosophy of life and living.

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