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During your consultation, health information will be collected from you with your consent. This information is necessary to aid in the diagnostic and management process of the medical and/or surgical condition(s) with which you present. The information will be documented in your chart and a letter will be forwarded to your referring doctor. You always have right of access to your own medical records. You may want to look at them with your doctor or you may want photocopies of the information. You can request access to your medical records at all times.

The multi-disciplinary team approach to health care is an important part of Dr Para's practice. The medical practitioners involved in a patient's care will communicate with each other and share verbal or written information to enable optimum care to be delivered to their patient. This is done within the strictest professional code of conduct and practice.

Dr Para's privacy policy has been developed in accordance with the Australian Government's National Privacy Principles available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

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